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Window Clings

Window Clings

Static window cling material is perfect for your window display graphics.

Static cling film is reposition-able and reusable, making it one of the most economical ways to display large window graphics. You can remove and store them so easily, an on going seasonal display of bright, colourful graphics and text is a snap! Its so simple to rearrange the individual static cling stickers to make each display different from the last you will never have to worry about having the same display again.

Our cling film comes in a white base or clear base, both are reversible so you can press the face onto the inside of windows to display on the outside without fear of sneaky fingers! They cling easily to any hard, smooth surface like glass, plastic or metal and can even go around curves if needed.

Get some static cling film graphics printed by Sticker Studio from your own artwork, or enquire below about our ready made seasonal graphics packs for a decorative display for your shop or office.

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