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Stickers on a Roll

Our new roll fed printer allows us to produce stickers on rolls, perfect for businesses needing pre-printed labels for packaging or for machine applied production lines like bottling or packaging conveyor belts.

Our roll labels and stickers can be printed up to 210 x 400mm in CMYK onto gloss paper, matt paper, special textured papers (great for wine labels) and matt synthetic, and optional gloss or matt lamination. We can also print labels with a spot colour (red, green, blue, etc), spot metallic foil (chrome & matt gold, chrome & matt silver, red or blue), spot white or spot varnish on to white or clear material. These spot colours are limited to labels that have at least one side 105mm or less.


At Magnascan, we can supply your labels and stickers on paper or vinyl, which may raise the question, which one is better for me?
Well, there are advantages and dis-advantages for each, so we have created a list of pluses and minuses for the 2 materials to help you decide.
Advantages: Very easy to remove from backing and apply without bubbles (its much stiffer than vinyl), can be post printed and written on, is biodegradable, is available on rolls.
Disadvantages: Gets soft when wet, surface is not as abrasion proof as vinyl, is easier to tear.

Advantages: Is very scratch resistant, will not tear, completely waterproof, very UV and heat resistant.
Disadvantages: Harder to remove from backing, trickier to apply smoothly because it is much softer than paper, is not biodegradable.