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Clear Stickers

Clear Stickers

Clear stickers and labels are very versatile and have many applications.

The main benefit of a sticker or label on a transparent substrate is that only the printed area shows. They look great on decorative products like candles, vases, wines, glass containers or computer and office equipment. They are also popular as envelope seals or packaging seals on gift bags or wrappings. Many businesses use them to brand their products because they are a little more discreet than a sticker or label on an opaque base. We can also print with metallic inks in gold, silver, red or blue colour for a truly stunning effect onto clear labels. You can also print with our opaque white ink on to clear vinyl for a really distinctive label on dark products (red wine bottles for example).

We can also print onto long-life clear vinyl for up to 5 years outdoor durability, and we can add a white ink base under the printed area only, so you still get the benefit of the clear base but the image or colour reads perfectly against dark backgrounds. This is impossible with normal transparent stickers, but not at Magnascan! We can also print our clear labels and stickers with a combination of metallic inks, white ink and coloured inks for a truly stunning result. Want a wine label or product sticker with wow? this is the way to do it!

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