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QR code stickers

QR code stickers

Get your QR code stickers at Magnascan. QR codes are a great way to display information for your customers. They can hold text messages, website links and even google maps! Their cryptic display entices people to see what the message contains, and allows you to deliver advertising messages straight to the point! But they are no good if nobody sees them.

We can print your QR code message onto a preset range of sticker sizes for your use at your discretion, we print the set sizes below but, if you need a custom size or quantity, just contact us for a price with the form below. QR code stickers are printed in black & white on gloss vinyl on A4+ sheets.

Our set size QR code sticker packages are as below -

  • 30 x 30mm: 500 - $60, 1000 - $75, 2000 - $95
  • 40 x 40mm: 500 - $70, 1000 - $85, 2000 - $105
  • 50 x 50mm: 500 - $85, 1000 - $100, 2000 - $120
  • 75 x 75mm: 500 - $120, 1000 - $150, 2000 - $195

Price includes the generation of your QR code, just send us the message or link you would like the code to say.

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